Creation Team

The idea for this unique platform was conceived when we, the Creation Team, started our first 2-years educational Hunyuan Qi Therapy program. Under the driving force of some international Hunyuan Qi Therapists from around the world the project started to take shape. After many brainstorming meetings and a dedicated team member who has the skill to create a website, as well as another member who is a hero in completing the implementation of the data base, we are super-happy to finally go live.

Some of the creative brains and members of the Creation Team who have kick- started this project are:

Claus Margraf (Medical Doctor - Neurologist)

Mareike Brandl (Medical Doctor - Neurologist)

Ralph Riepenhausen (Natural Health Practitioner)

Mary Morrison (Acupuncturist, Hunyuan Qi Therapist)

Dolores Spencer (Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist)

Wolfgang Riepl (Photographer, Certified Hunyuan Qi Therapist)

Wabke Bouman (Website Design, Meditation Instructor & Certified Hunyuan Qi Therapist)

Kelly Harris (Digital Content and Social Media Strategist/Content Creator/PR)

Christopher Tatzreither (Creative Director)

Anke Kleinhans, Hunyuan Qi Therapy Team

Britta Stalling (Co-Facilitator of the Hunyuan Qi Therapy Program, Zhineng Qigong Teacher, Health & Wellbeing Coach)


We know a successful project can only continue to thrive and grow with dedicated people sharing the same vision and intentions.


We look forward to welcome many more like-minded people to join the team and help us spread the positive information about the great results of this unique self-healing management approach and tool-set.