HYLT – Well being from within


The foundation of real well-being is taking time to reflect on one’s own life intentions and wishes. Taking a break from the daily routines and looking at life in a holistic way. It will allow our well-being to grow from deep within and positively influence our life quality.

It’s not only a fulfilling and meaningful job. But a comfortable home in a safe environment, that is fundamental to a person’s well-being.  It is also the way we think and feels about our life. The quality of our relationships, positive emotions, our resilience, our mental strength. As well as the realization of our potential and general life quality. All this is determined by our joy for life and well-being.

The Gallup Research Studies show

The Gallup Research Institute highlights in regular studies that people who follow fulfilling activities. Live a more meaningful life’s. They are content in their social relationships and communities, they experience financial well-being and holistic health.

They generally recover better from illnesses, injuries or stress It’s more likely to say, they generally adapt well to change and are more likely to enter volunteer work.

Happiness and fulfilment are determined by conscious and meaningful activities. A healthy lifestyle, also means that it is important to evolve, set goals and learn to draw boundaries.

Regular practice of the Zhineng Qigong and Hunyuan Qi Therapy methods will help to reach a holistic experience. That allows us to be calm, relaxed and natural. We become aware of our true self and never lose that power and positive self-awareness. No matter what the circumstances and challenges we face. We invest in ourselves by taking a break and finding our inner peace. Thus improving our resilience and creativity. Striving to create a new experience of flexibility and innovation, topped with a new joy for life. We sharpen our eyes for the good and worthy in our lives.

Zhineng Qigong follows the idea of transforming negative feelings and undesired conditions. Mastering this idea is important in order to live an opportunity-oriented life. Zhineng Qigong | Hunyuan Qi Therapy’s idea of“Hun Yuan Ling Tong” has been successfully applied by thousands of people. It’s like a mantra that can lead to miracles. Using “Hun Yuan Ling Tong,” we transform the undesired state to the desired state by connecting with our true intention. Manifesting it with the power of “Hun Yuan Ling Tong.”

The meaning of each word already represents the program:

Hun: Unite, integrate and transform
Yuan: One or a whole, unity, source
Hun Yuan: United, integrated & transformed into one entity
Ling: Sensitive. well informed the intention of nature and humankind is realized.
Tong: Opening – Accelerate, Connections and Relationships in Nature, to other human beings and Qi channels
Ling Tong: This your own mental intention. It becomes true, Transforming into a new HYQ unit

Therefore Hun Yuan Ling Tong (HYLT) also means that the true self connects to the Hunyuan Qi of the Universe. Thus manifests “wonderful” things, such as self-healing or other good intentions. These “miracles” explained by the “Hun Yuan Ling Tong” theory. In the state of “Hun Yuan Ling Tong,” when consciousness is connected with Hunyuan energy and information, things can transform immediately through this information.

Many Zhineng Qigong practitioners establish this HYLT connection based on pure awareness, saying the words out loud or even chanting.

Just give it a try.

Hun Yuan Ling Tong!