Your journey to recovery – our vision

Zhineng Qigong Science is a life practice that inexorably leads to improved health, an experience of inner peace, balance, joy and the flowering of inherent wisdom. Qigong medicine – which we also call Hunyuan Qi Therapy as part of the Zhineng Qigong system –  does not treat only the symptoms of disease, but addresses maladies at their root. Innate self-healing abilities are activated in a natural and conscious way, vital functions of the body are restored, strengthened and improved from deep within.

In the West, thousands of people are practicing Zhineng Qigong and many of them also enjoy and benefit from Hunyuan Qi Therapy treatments delivered by certified and trained Hunyuan Qi Therapists. As a consequence, over the last years, more and more people had a chance to recover from serious or chronic diseases.

Inspired by the book “101 Miracles of Natural Healing” collected by Master Luke Chan featuring 101 truly empowering stories of individuals from China who recovered from serious diseases and chronic illnesses using self-healing methods that were taught at Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center a few decades ago, we are now starting to collect self-healing stories  from people from around the world.

On this new online platform – you will find information, inspiration, motivation, insights and concrete results related to people having successfully applied these effective self-healing methods and practices, based on Zhineng Qigong Science and Hunyuan Qi Therapy developed by Dr Pang Ming.

One intention – one action – one result

Our intention is to present self-healing journeys from people worldwide who have successfully used Zhineng Qigong Science or Hunyuan Qi Therapy during their recovery journey, either by focusing uniquely on this leading self-health care management system or practicing it in combination with treatments from other modalities such as Western medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition Science or other alternative health approaches.

Zhineng Qigong Science | Hunyuan Qi Therapy involves a mind-set and willingness to take inspired action in order to regain a state of holistic health and well-being. So what the people who are featured on this new platform have in common is this strong intention: “My life, my health and my happiness are controlled by myself!” When you are in charge, it also means you can up your skills, insights and abilities to cope with whatever happens – including a health challenge – in a positive and uplifting way.

As Dr. Pang Ming – the founder of Zhineng Qigong Science – says:

“Cultivating one’s heart and mind is the foundation of Zhineng Qigong Science, using one’s consciousness is the keystone to a happy and healthy life.”

Our platform – Your benefits

If you have successfully used Zhineng Qigong practices | Hunyuan Qi Therapy treatments to recover from a health challenge, please inspire others and share your experiences under: 

If you are looking for medicine-less and participatory ways for self-healthcare and self-healing, please be inspired and browse experiences of others:

Your calling – our contribution

A successful project can only thrive and grow with dedicated people sharing the same vision and intentions. What makes this project so unique is that we have a lot of voluntary supporters who are dedicating their time and resources free of charge to make this meaningful project happen.

We look forward to welcome many more like-minded people to join the team and help us spread the positive information about the great results people are achieving applying the unique self-healing-management tools of Zhineng Qigong Science.

If you feel a calling to be part of our team, please contact Anke under – we look forward to co-create and evolve this amazing project further – together with you!