Sharing the power of Zhineng Qigong | Hunyuan Qi Therapy at the first International Zhineng Qigong Science Conference

Zhineng Qigong Science Conference

It’s a first – not only for us but also for the entire Zhineng Qigong community and people interested in raising their consciousness around the scientific aspects of holistic health and well-being:  From 27 – 29 August 2021 people from around the world will come together to “Unite, share and grow together” at the first International Zhineng Qigong Science Conference in Cyprus.

Held for the first time in the West, this conference brings together the profound scientific knowledge and diverse experiences that are available worldwide when it comes to the power of self-awakening and personal development. The platform provides access to the greatest teachers and their extensive knowledge and experience, for anyone interested in Zhineng Qigong Science, regardless of their practice level or previous exposure to Zhineng Qigong or other Qigong forms.

It is truly an amazing opportunity to learn, explore and deepen one’s understanding of the world’s most effective self-healthcare management approach, which helps you to utilize all your human potential to optimize your life and life quality.

The Hunyuan Qi Therapy Association is super excited to have been confirmed a speaker slot at this conference offering us the opportunity to present the power and beauty of Hunyuan Qi Therapy, not only to other Zhineng Qigong enthusiasts but also to the interested public.  .

The Zhineng Qigong Science conference is open to all Zhineng Qigong and Qigong enthusiasts – beginners and advanced students alike – as well as to people who work as Trainers, Coaches, Natural Practitioners, Doctors, Teachers, Scientists or Therapists

Britta and Bernhard will be representing the Hunyuan Qi Therapy Association at the conference and share the meaning, the purpose and objectives, some main skills, the scientific approach of Hunyuan Qi Therapy as part of Zhineng Qigong Science as well as selected healing stories that are truly inspiring.  Stories about people worldwide who have been successfully applying these natural self-healing techniques.  Stories that are meaningful, that re-confirm the value in what we do and simultaneously serve as a motivation to continue with one’s own practice.  We have field studies and healing stories that prove healing success of severe diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, paralysis, cancer and many others.

It is a very unique opportunity to be able to use this special platform of an International conference to share these stories while reflecting on a topic that concerns us all: “What is true health?”  A comment from one of our participants that joined our Holistic Health Retreat in Bad Zwischenahn in November 2019 describes her experience with Hunyuan Qi Therapy very well:  “(…) The connections and the new quality that came into my life, I am healing on all levels and practicing every day.”

In addition to the talk we will be facilitating a mini workshop that will offer interested participants the opportunity to be introduced to the foundations of Hunyuan Qi Therapy, learning more about the theory and principles of this vital Qi healing modality.

Following upon the conference, a team of Hunyuan Qi Therapists together with five Zhineng Qigong Masters from China will facilitate a Zhineng Qigong Science Holistic Health Retreat.  This retreat is open to all Zhineng Qigong and Qigong enthusiasts – beginners and advanced students alike – as well as people who work as Trainers, Coaches, Natural Practitioners, Doctors, Teachers or Therapists. The retreat is also aiming to support people who suffer from serious or chronic diseases. In this case, participants are requested to bring copies of their most recent medical reports such as Ultrasounds, X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, etc. The Zhineng Qigong Master Team will provide effective and holistic health practices to assist participants in activating Hunyuan Qi’s self-healing power and abilities.  The success of this collaborative work should be checked at the end of the retreat by either our course doctor or your own doctor.

At the conference and during the holistic health retreat we follow the same principle as in our training program:  Study, practice and apply what you have learned.  All of this will take place at the same venue as our International Hunyuan Qi Therapy Program Module I that will start again this May:  At the beautiful, family-run Aphrodite Beach Hotel in the Greek part of Cyprus (EU), situated in a tranquil area of Cyprus next to a nature reserve with direct access to the beach. 

For those who are interested in attending the conference, participating in the holistic health retreat or learning more about becoming a Hunyuan Qi Therapist yourself, please follow the links below for more information.

Hun Yuan Ling Tong!   United and transformed with Hunyuan Qi, immediately realised by one’s (health) intention.

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